Now I’m interested…Red Bull Mk7

I, like many people, was somewhat skeptical about the release of the Mk7 Technics 1200 series turntable. Nothing beats the original, I’ve had these decks for xx years blah blah blah! The point is, they aren’t as well finished or engineered as precisely as the Mk2s were, but then again contrary to popular opinion the Mk7s are an absolute steal.

I can hear you shouting at your screens already! I paid £300 for my turntable in the 90s, these new ones are £800 yada yada! In a word…inflation! My parents bought their 3 bedroom semi for £20k back then as well and now it’s valued at around £400k. To put it in perspective also I like to compare most things cost-wise to the CDJ2000 nexus 2 from Pioneer DJ. That deck still carries a price tag of a whopping £2000. Yes, you can get two Mk7s and a mixer for that!

Anyway, here I go again flying off on tangents. As luck would have it I actually got my hands on a pair of Mk7s today for the first time. I was actually surprised by the solid feel of the deck, lack of play in the tonearm (unlike the awful Pioneer PLX1000s), and overall look of them. Yes, they are a little lighter and the person that designed the dreadful pop up light obviously wasn’t aware how much responsibility was put on his shoulder and should be shot and fired (not necessarily in that order) It is beyond crap! Other than that, on the whole, I was impressed! Now they are not in the same league built quality-wise as the 1200GRs I had but they are not in that price band either.

So with that said, I had my head turned (only slightly mind) by the all-black stealthy little 12s. Then I saw the Red Bull limited editions versions…Oh my! Now, I love Formula 1 for my sins and the cars that stand out for me are the Red Bull team beasts. Things of utter beauty. Also being a fan and semi-active extreme sports enthusiast I hold Red Bull in very high regard and credit them with the sharp rise in standards of extreme sports across the globe! Their sponsorship program is insane, and their drink ain’t half bad either, especially with Champagne…well, I am from Essex!

So combining my favorite two brands on the planet is a no brainer! Now I think I must own a pair! Introducing the SL-1210MK7R.

What is Red Bull BC One?

Source – Wikipedia:Red Bull BC One is an annual international B-Boy competition organized by the energy drink company Red Bull. It is an individual B-Boy competition, notable for being the only one of the major international breaking championships to not include a crew event. The main event is a knockout tournament featuring sixteen B-Boys and B-Girls, chosen for exceptional skills in the dance and good character, competing in one-on-one battles decided by a panel of five judges. Regional Finals are held for North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. The winners of each region go on and participate in the World Finals. The inaugural BC One was held in Biel, Switzerland in 2004.

What do you guys think about the limited edition 1200s?

Red Bull