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De La Soul
Hip Hop
Moving House

Featured mix (vinyl)

What a gem this mix is folks! High-quality tunes delivered superbly well on two Technics and an Xone 23. Frazer Randles for Arp Radio, take a bow!

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Pros and cons of genres

This article is bound to divide opinion and before I dive into my experiences and opinions, they are just that...opinions. There is no definitive right or wrong here. Let's focus on dance music as that is where the opinions are [...]


Now I’m interested…Red Bull Mk7

I, like many people, was somewhat skeptical about the release of the Mk7 Technics 1200 series turntable. Nothing beats the original, I've had these decks for xx years blah blah blah! The point is, they aren't as well finished or [...]


Keeping Records

When you buy that first record you aren't just saying 'yes' to record collecting, you are also saying 'no' to drugs. You'll never afford both! They should definitely introduce addicts into the wonderful world of record collecting. Growing up in [...]


The Bozak Rotary Mixers

For those that know me, you'll know that I've been very fortunate over the last 3 or 4 years to have owned or played on most of the rotary mixers available on the market. I started my journey from very [...]


AcouSticks – Cue The Music

Lollopop headphones or Monophone Whatever you know them as, like most things in the DJ community it tends to divide opinion. Some swear by them and others put it down to a hipster obsession with all things retro! Having been [...]


The RDM40 Has Landed

We, at WAXWRX were really excited to hear the announcement of a new inter-galactic mission from the crew at Varia Instruments. It's always amazing and inspiring to see dreams coming to life in challenging and demanding times. I personally was [...]

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