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The WoodWRX workshop provides high quality, innovative hand made products.

New and used vinyl record sales

All genres and record formats catered for, House, Hip Hop and 45 specialists.

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Signs, art, planning and ideas for all things cave. Let’s chat, we love our spaces.

What’s hot!

White hot in fact! Considering record collections are such a source of pride and indeed cost, it beggars believe that for decades we have relied upon a sub-standard and not designed for purpose solution (we all know what I am referring to) which is 1, restricted primarily to storing the 12″ variety. 2, far too deep, setting the records back too far. 3, no back boards to prevent records being pushed up against the wall. 4, only one way to store the records (fine if you are an audiophile but not so much for the DJ fraternity! Oh and did I mention the harsh spine damaging 90 degree edges?

RecBOX are available to cater for 7″ or 12″ records formed of individual cubes that you can purchase over time inline with your growing collection and can be used in two orientations supplied built up and professionally joined ready to go. Also the internal edges have been created with 45 degree bevelled edges (not just because it looks pretty) to spread the load on record spines and prevents value-reducing damage.

Another clever feature is the ability to order with a regular depth snuggly housing the records or DJ mode where the backboard is set forward and allows the records to sit proud of the front or top face (depending upon orientation of use).

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Beats, Designs
& Life

WAXWRX is a movement based heavily around quality music across genres and formats with a strong lean towards of all things design, culture and interior spaces. Looking to create a one stop shop to meet, be inspired, have a coffee and listen to and hopefully buy great music.

bespoke units

The movement

It’s taken a while and a host of life changes to really understand what WAXWRX is and what we want it to stand for. Bourne out of the love of music, interiors and joinery at last we have some clarity and vision. Simply put WaxWRX is the music side of the organisation covering record sales and musical output via streams, mixes, gigs and videos. WoodWRX is the carpentry/joinery arm creating informed and innovative solutions for DJs, producers and audiophiles alike. Then finally is CaveWRX which allows me to share visions, plans, ideas accessories and plans for cool interior spaces. Doing one thing you love is an honour, doing three things is simply greedy!

All this to a soundtrack of the dopest music across the years and genres.

We'd love to hear your ideas

If you have an idea, a plan, or a vision of your ideal setup or maybe a piece of furniture or a cool accessory for your DJ or production studio let’s have a chat and see what can be done.

The mission

Custom DJ booth

The mission is and has always been to focus on quality and attention to detail. Music at the core WaxWRX is about delivering quality physical and virtual content based on a foundation of exceptional music and design principles. A place for like minded people to meet, be inspired and part with vast amounts of cash in a reckless way. It’s been my personal long term goal to give as much back as I can to an industry that has given me so much and to create a community we can all benefit from.



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Introducing TiBox™

For decades DJs and audiophiles have struggled to store their most prized possessions, their record collection. There has never been an elegant solution which solves the numerous problems they face!

Welcome to TiBOX™ from WoodWRX. A well thought out set of features conceived from extensive experience is what sets TiBox apart from the current generalised solutions.

Features include:

  • Ultra smooth friction free surfaces to minimise possible wear on record sleeves
  • 45 degree chamfered inner edges to spread the load on record sleeve spines when the storage cube is used in ‘record store mode’.
  • four position backboard positioning to cater for 7”,10”12” vinyl loaded to front edge or special overhang mode for collectors that like their records to sit out of the cubes by an inch. The decision is yours and can be changed by the user.
  • Tool free construction
  • a range of Ti Connectors to customise your furniture style and finish

More details to follow and TiBOX™ availability summer 2022. RecBOX available NOW!


The system is built upon unique bow ti connectors. These simple yet  strong connectors are a nod to tradition whilst allowing a more contemporary style in a number of dramatic and more understated options and the ability to change the accent ti’s down the line to keep your interior fresh. And that’s just the Ti Connectors!



  • "Matt at Waxwrx is a genuine fellow who is very willing to help and give advice with regard to equipment from turntables, mixers, speakers, cartridges etc. His knowledge is excellent. He has let me visit his studio a few times where we have spun records using his set up. I have bought turntable flight cases off him, which I collected from his studio. Make sure you contact him for any advice needed." Sean Pumfrett
  • "WAXWRX is great because I know I’m dealing with professionals who have decades of experience and curate only the finest of equipment, accessories & dj gear. I’ve been spinning tunes for 30 years and I’ve dealt with a lot of retailers. Matt & the team are the real deal & they know their stuff. Shipping to Australia is always easy & safe. My premium rotary mixer arrived perfectly. Thanks guys." MrDJDT
  • "I've been buying records from Waxwrx for a while now. New ones are as you'd expect, mint and well packaged but its the second hand ones that blow me away, they always underestimate the quality often giving a record a VG+ when really it's a near mint which is awesome. The pricing is always competitive and often cheaper. I'll continue to check Waxwrx before looking elsewhere." DJ Raider, Manchester
  • "Bought a Rane 72 DJ mixer from Matt at WAXWRX. Absolute joy to buy from. Super clear communication, nothing too much trouble - and when he said it was immaculate, he wasn’t joking, I’ve seen brand new things look less new that this mixer - it was flawless, packaged up lovely and sent through really well protected. It’s a pleasure to do business with a company who takes that much care and pride and gives back to the community." Mr Jenks

Radiator cabinets

Radiator cabinets

Hide your ugly radiators, create a feature (and a shelf of course!). These beautiful cabinets are created using traditional methods with domino mortice and tenon joinery to avoid the unnecessary reliance on metal hardware and unsightly screw heads.

Supplied as standard in bare MDF finish ready for the application of your chosen finish and colour scheme to tie in with your interior. The centre screening slats will be 9mm thick mdf as standard, however hardwood alternatives are available on request (similar to the picture, which are solid teak in this example).

Only supplied fully assembled as professionally joined, contact us for delivery/collection options. All sizes and options catered for, the design in the image is the modern cabinet version. More ornate options are available on request, let’s discuss your requirements.