Deep, minimal, dark, progressive, ambient, melodic, dub, tech, jazzy, old skool! Or as we call it...House music!


House is a feeling... It sure is and has captured people's imaginations for decades now and seems here to stay. Until these crazy times, a whole band of society quite literally lived for the weekend for their 4/4 fix, that rhythmical pumping kick drum, and emotion-lifting hi-hats. But then it all changed. As I write this we are in our second Covid lockdown and house music had to find a way to survive, just like the people did. Welcome to mass online streaming...

The crew


No-one epitomises wide-ranging genres more than these incredibly talented DJs and proud to say friends - Darren Tolley, Etayo JD, and DJ Joy Deep.

Between us, there are over 100 years of DJing experience in some of the largest clubs across the globe. We are all passionate about spinning vinyl but also not afraid to experiment and can all turn our hands to a variety of hybrid setups, including CDJs, samplers, synths, and a variety of effects deployment, etc (apart from DJ Joy Deep, because he is the original vinyl DJ, who helped shape the early days of the Ibiza scene in the biggest clubs on the island).

Currently based in Australia, Spain, and the UK we are well placed to bring you a wide range of global house music vibes covering all the genres.

DJs get your fix here...


ONLINE STORE :: PHYSICAL SHOP is a physical store (more akin to a library to be honest) as well as an excellent online store from Germany. The online store has the vital ingredient which is often overlooked - a top-notch preview player! As well as looking cool (a working technics 1210) it's actually a breeze to use. Being able to preview the music easily is essential and almost elevates virtual crate-digging beyond the physical (but not quite).


Juno Records


Juno is my go-to for DJ/Studio equipment and records alike. Great customer service and super speedy reliable delivery! Their selection across the genres is impressive with a fantastic back catalogue as well as regular new releases. The preview player is good (and cart recommendations) but the player is not as good as Deejay.DE. Highly recommended and a great customisable email update system.




We love Phonica! A great shop based in Poland Street, London with an amazing online store. Relevant accurate genres and great releases. The preview player is top-notch also. WAXWRX very own Etayo JD visits the physical shop regularly and picks up gems every time, whereas I just focus on the online store. They also hold some great events there such as the Mastersounds mixer launches etc etc..




If you are a DJ the chances are you've heard of the international phenomenon marketplace which is Discogs. EBay for records basically. If you know what tracks you need and have a shopping list in hand this can actually be a great resource, particularly for this particular genre, as I find the more collectable and well-known records are way overpriced but occasionally a bargain can be found.


The way to play...


In the early days of house music, there was no real choice to speak of, it was two turntables and a mixer. Life was simple back then haha! Whether right or wrong, technology and the prevalence of digital has had a huge part to play in the progression or should we say the diversity of DJing.

The arguments against include the notion of the lost art of DJing, "all you have to do now is press buttons" standpoint. "You've never lived until you've spent the whole day digging in crates in dingy old record shops"

The arguments for digital DJing (and although I personally am 95% vinyl) and there are many including the fact that DJing is more accessible to the masses as the learning curve (from a technical standpoint anyway) is far shallower. You can take ALL your music with you in your pocket or with recent advances in the cloud! Music is cheaper and far more accessible.

Before I go into chapter and verse about this extensive subject I have broken it up into three categories. Vinyl DJing, Digital DJing & Hybrid DJing.

The first is obvious, the simple but hard to master mixing and performing of good old fashioned (and new-fashioned) records!

The second being more focused on the use of digital media players such as Pioneer CDJs and the Denon SC series of players.

The third being just that, it could be a combination of vinyl and digital. or digital and analogue in the form of CDJs, drum machines and synths or even modular synths and live percussion.

The sky is the limit and I urge you to push the boundaries and experiment, be different, be inventive. Focus on the future whilst giving a respectful nod to the past. Now is the time to have fun with music!

Vinyl DJ
Digital Dj
Hybrid DJ

Techno and Germany!

The Birth of House Music

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