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Lollopop headphones or Monophone

Whatever you know them as, like most things in the DJ community it tends to divide opinion. Some swear by them and others put it down to a hipster obsession with all things retro! Having been an active DJ myself for in excess of 30 years I have known about this cueing device for many years, but never had the opportunity to try out the concept.

Finally, after a journey through several sets of headphones from Senheisser HD25s, various Audio Technica models, Technics, Sony, and the like, I’ve never felt satisfied with the combination of sound, comfort, convenience and fit.

Having an old set of Audio Technica ATH m50x headphones with a dodgy connection I was going to throw out, the light went on! AcouSticks! The name that always pops up in monophone conversations in Facebookland and beyond! With its origins rooted deep in the beginnings of house music it’s only right I dive in myself.

I went through their website, got in contact, and was confronted with superb, friendly, and helpful customer service. As you know by now I am dedicated to sharing the best from the industry from products to services so here we are! I’ll report back in a week or so with my findings and a video mix using this method of cueing so watch this space!


As well as conversions of your own headphones the guys carry out repairs and operate a store with a whole range of ready to go lollipop headphones, with a choice of speakers, grips, cables, and even custom logos that can be added. Check out the website for more information and get in touch with your requirements.

I can see clearly now…

Also as a side note, another reason I want to give this a go is the fact that in the last year or so my eyesight has deteriorated to a point I struggle to read record labels etc.. When wearing glasses with conventional headphones I get into a right mucking fuddle! Hopefully, this could be the unsung feature of the lollipop!

As usual, I welcome your feedback, experiences, and opinions below. Get involved and grow the community my WAXWRX friends.


Low Steppa this week…

Just this week Low Steppa rocking the lollipop with his remix of the classic Ultra Flava.

Low Steppa

Quality Components…