Introducing Criminyl Slipmats

Yes I resisted the urge to called this post something like, “It would be criminyl to not buy….”.

Waxwrx caught up with Chris, the main man at Criminyl Slipmats. We were so impressed with the start to finish quality of the process we felt the need to shout about it and share with our readers.

As you may or may not know the waxwrx studio/office is going through yet another facelift and in fact nearing completion (for now!) and we have been looking around for the personalised touches like a new sign etc etc.. What better thing to add a cost effective splash of style to the setup than a set of fresh new custom slipmats in the new waxwrx branding!

After shopping around and a few recomendations from our trusted network we took the plunge with Criminyl Slipmats. Simple process from the get go, selecting what you need, uploading a custom design and placing the order. Then await a proof to sign off via email and go from there. As it turned out the very cool proof which displayed my design applied to a Technics 1210 turntable image highlighted a mistake I made with my artwork. Chris could not have been more helpful or accomodating when sorting this.

I didn’t actually check on delivery times but assumed it would be around a week until they arrived. How wrong I was, I approved the order on Monday and received the very next day. I don’t want to get in trouble by saying this as the lead times may vary but that’s what happened for me.

When the mats arrived the quality was every bit as good as the service. I hope you agree with us when I mention how stunning they look. We will be placing a bulk order soon, there may be some giveaway competitions on the horizon!

I contacted Chris to say thankyou and to find out a little more about his criminyl past (sorry had to squeeze one in there!) and learned of the impressive client list which included Universal, Virgin, Warner Bros, to name a few.

A few comments really stuck out but none more than this, which pretty much sums it up:

[riffel_blockquote text_size=”22px”]We treat each order with this respect, regardless of the quantity they order. Everyone gets the same treatment and everyone gets the same quality, we only offer one quality…. the best we can possibly make.[/riffel_blockquote]

This reminds me of a great comment from Guy Martin (the motorcycle legend and presenter) – “there’s only two ways of doing a job, the right way and the wrong way!” I love that attitude and something that Chris obviously buys into.

In summary, we at waxwrx are more than happy to recommend Criminal Slipmats! When ordering yours be sure to give us a little mention!

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