The mother of all playlists

Now, there are many hip hop playlists out there yada yada yada! Some are good, some not so. This playlist was sourced by Pelt diggin through his record collection over many very long nights and many of lists and revisions to the lists etc etc.. Once he wittled it down to around 130, for your listening pleasure, sourced them all on Youtube bringing together one of the most thought out playlists I have ever heard. All I can say is…enjoy and comment, you are in for a treat.

Expect artists you know such as DJ Premier, Jeru, Grand Puba, Lord Finesse, Gangstarr etc., but not the obvious tracks we have come to expect from Hip Hop playlists. There will be artists and tracks you don’t know, but all are pure dopeness people.

Pelts thoughts

I have been very lucky to live through all the stages of hip hop. In the late 80s through the 90s. weekends were about ridin the train into the Westend and meeting up with friends buyin as many records as we could afford. Those truely were the days. This selection is far from inclusive of everything. I didnt add the 8mile classics……. nor did i just add stuff others liked. I wanted a list of stuff that to me hasn’t aged. For me I resonate with a certain type of combo of music and emcee.

So here’s a selection of tracks from bootlegs, lps, eps and 12″s. One last thing, its not about the year, way too many define a period like 92-96 and are missing out on so much. When it’s right it’s timeless, universal & full of expression. When you forget the past and focus on breaking rules you end up with the nonsense that tragically has taken over and established itself today. respect the past.

Spotify version

As Youtube playlists are a bit crap on mobile devices, we have also included as many of the tracks from the playlist that are available in Spotify for your aural pleasure, whilst on the go!