Welcome to TiBox™

For decades DJs and audiophiles have struggled to store their most prized possessions, their record collection. There has never been an elegant solution which solves the numerous problems they face!

Welcome to TiBox™ from WoodWRX. A well thought out set of features conceived from extensive experience is what sets TiBox apart from the current generalised solutions.

Features include:

  • Ultra smooth friction free surfaces to minimise possible wear on record sleeves
  • 45 degree chamfered inner edges to spread the load on record sleeve spines when the storage cube is used in ‘record store mode’.
  • four position backboard positioning to cater for 7”,10”12” vinyl loaded to front edge or special overhang mode for collectors that like their records to sit out of the cubes by an inch. The decision is yours and can be changed by the user.
  • Tool free construction
  • a range of Ti Connectors to customise your furniture style and finish


Full solution available from Summer 2022. Ti-less boxes available now!

The system is built upon unique bow ti connectors. These simple yet strong connectors are a nod to tradition whilst allowing a more contemporary style in a number of dramatic and more understated options and the ability to change the accent ti’s down the line to keep your interior fresh. And that’s just the Ti Connectors!


The process

All TiBOX record boxes are loving created by hand with an unrivalled attention to detail. Available NOW are the beautifully simple yet flexible RecBOX record storage boxes with the connectivity of the TiBOX system (as seen in the process pictures below.

The process

RecBOX 7``

Storage box without Ti connectors

This beautifully simple yet deceptively flexible record storage box for your beloved 45s. Build from high grade birch ply and crafted to an unrivalled level.

TiBOX 7``

With hardwood Ti's

Available summer 2022, the ultimate stackable joined record storage cubes solving all common record storage issues. The solutions your records deserve.

RecBOX 12``

Storage box without Ti connectors

At last, a solution crafted specifically for your 12″ singles and albums. The ultimate crafted solution that can grow with your collection.

TiBOX 12``

With hardwood Ti's

Available summer 2022, store and display your records is class, style and highly practical. Prolong and protect you collection like never before.


We’ve answered a few common questions below, but please get in touch to discuss your requirements and questions.

Are they flat packed or come built up?

Glad you asked! At the present time they come fully built and ready to go! However, we are in an R&D phase at the moment and in talks with specialist fixings manufacturers to develop a bespoke and tool-less fixing system solution. Make sure you follow us to keep up to date with developments. Watch this space!

Tell me about delivery, what is the cost?

The downside of these stunning (even if we say so ourselves) record boxes arriving with you complete and ready to fill up, delivery costs and packaging are more than we’d like. You are welcome to collect these from us (by appointment only) but if you’d like them delivered please contact us prior to placing your order.

What's are the finishing options

As standard, RecBOX and TiBOX are provided in their raw birch ply finish ready for your choice of finish to be applied. You can easy oil, stain, dye or paint to achieve your desired effect. We can provide finishing services on request (at an additional cost of course;) ).

What options are there for the hardwood Ti's you use to connect the units?

We have a range of hardwoods available so there will be a wide selection available. We are also working on several additional accessories to work with our unique Ti system! Exciting times ahead…

Please note

Due to recent events in Ukraine and Baltic birch ply being predominantly supplied from Russia, the availability of this beautiful material is both costly and scarse! We are hoping for this situation to resolve and the supply chain to return to normality ASAP, but in the meantime we are looking at alternative materials. More news coming soon!