Power Respect JUICE…

The film

A fantastic film I originally owned and played to deaf on VHS (ask your Dad) and I thought I was modern as a lot of friends were still on Betamax (ask your Grandad). Anyway, I digress.

The film is a story of 4 tight friends Q, Bishop, Raheem and Steel with Q (Omar Epps) and Bishop (Tupac Shakur) being the focus of the story.

They grow up together in the hood getting into the usual scrapes and bunking off school etc., then as they become more exposed to the realities of life growing up experiencing things they shouldn’t have to experience a wedge starts to be driven between Bishop and the others as he sees the opportunity to make easy money in the form of armed robbery whilst Q has an altogether more positive influence of becoming a champion battle DJ.

This film was part of what shaped me as a kid growing up but thankfully I’ve ended up with a huge record collection rather than jail time!

I won’t tell you anymore as you can watch the full film here but suffice to say it is a well-told fast-paced story where you quickly get to know the characters and the driving forces behind them. I’m not a fan of Tupac as an artist but his performance is superb in this 90s classic.

Oh and another thing, look out for many cameos throughout the film, superb!


Omar Epps – Quincy “Q” Powell
Tupac Shakur – Roland Bishop
Khalil Kain – Raheem Porter
Jermaine Hopkins – Eric “Steel” Thurman
Cindy Herron – Yolanda
Vincent Laresca – Radames
Samuel L. Jackson – Trip
George O. Gore II – Q’s little brother Brian
Grace Garland – Q’s mother
Queen Latifah – Ruffhouse MC
Oran “Juice” Jones – Snappy Nappy Dugout
Flex Alexander – Contest Auditioneer
Doctor Dré & Ed Lover – Contest Judges
Fab 5 Freddy – himself
Donald Faison – Student
EPMD – Bar Patrons

and I’m sure I saw Red Alert and Dr Dre in the club!


Directed by:
Ernest R. Dickerson

Produced by:
David Heyman
Neal H. Moritz
Peter Frankfurt

Screenplay by:
Ernest R. Dickerson
Gerard Brown

Story by:
Ernest R. Dickerson

Music by:
Hank Shocklee and The Bomb Squad

Film budget:
$5 million

Box office:
$20.1 million


1. “Uptown Anthem” Naughty by Nature
2. “Juice (Know the Ledge)” Eric B. & Rakim
3. “Is It Good to You” Teddy Riley & Tammy Lucas
4. “Sex, Money & Murder” MC Pooh
5. “Nuff Respect” Big Daddy Kane
6. “So You Want to Be a Gangster” Too Short
7. “It’s Going Down” EPMD
8. “Don’t Be Afraid” Aaron Hall
9. “He’s Gamin’ on Ya” Salt-n-Pepa
10. “Shoot ‘Em Up” Cypress Hill
11. “Flipside” Juvenile Committee
12. “What Could Be Better Bitch” Son of Bazerk
13. “Does Your Man Know About Me” Rahiem
14. “People Get Ready” Brand New Heavies & N’Dea Davenport

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