Gangstarr – One Of The Best Yet

An eagerly awaited album and one I never thought would materialise due to legal ownership of Guru’s work. I wont get into who did what when and where because this site is about the music. Happy for Preemo being able to create this offering.

When there has been a long break since a last album I am always a little nervous and set my expectations low. I am pleased to say my fears were largely unfounded. It’s actually a pretty good album and very listenable from edge to edge.

For me, the amazing thing about 90s Gangstarr was the fact that each track was bold, uncompromising and although they followed a prescriptive route each track had its own identity and brand. Where this album is very solid and fitting, it doesn’t quite measure up…yet! Maybe I need to listen to it more.

If you are in doubt or don’t agree with me just take a listen to the Full Clip compilation straight after listening to this album.

The tracks

The sure shot (intro)

Gets you in the zone busting two bar snippets from the classics.

Lights Out – M.O.P.

Takes you straight back to where some of us left off in the 90s. Smooth bass and a BIG snare drum in full effect. A nice start. It’s no Ante up joint but its a fitting and respectful nod to the slickness of Guru.

Bad Name

Ah those smooth yet husky tones. No mistaking the blood of the ultimate voice in Hip Hop.

Hit Man – Q-Tip

Guru kicks the jam off in style with the classic cut samples. Q jumps in for the chorus. A short but satisfying.

What’s Real – Group Home, Royce Da5”9”

Whenever I hear Royce Da 5’9” I think of one of the Wild West skits from an earlier Eminem album. This track feels like classic Gangstarr. Great flow throughout, a nice joint.

Keith Casim Elam (Interlude)

Words from the little one.

From A Distance – Jeru The Damaja

The track I was most eagerly awaiting. Jeru’s raps over Preemo’s beats is a joy to behold. In my opinion the best track on the album.

Family and Loyalty

An emotive joint with Guru’s warmth flowing through a beautifully crafted tapestry. Such a lovely flow!

Get Together – Ne-Yo, Nitty Scott

I’ll be honest, no idea who these dudes are. Gurus flow nice as usual. Not my favourite jam on the album but not offensive.

NYGz/GS 183rd (Interlude)

A little story…blah blah all good. Back to the action…

So Many Rappers

Classic example of the beat working in perfect harmony with the vocals. Love this joint, multi-layered journey.

Business Or Art – Talib Kweli

I liked Talib’s early stuff but then I heard some of his dumb-arse opinions which tarnished my opinion of him. That aside his voice is dope and this is a good track.

Bring It Back Here

Dope dope dope and then key key change! Oh my I am a sucker for a key change. And then it’s over!!

One Of The Best Yet (Big Shug Interlude)

An interlude…nothing to say.

Take Flight (Militia, Pt. 4) – Big Shug, Freddie Foxxx

I do love it when the Militia come to town. “Big Shug, Guru and Freddie The Foxxx it’s the Militia!!!!!” Takes me back.

Bless The Mic

Lovely choice to end the album on this tip with this title and this flow.


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