Fruits Of The Dig – Wk 3

This week certainly isn’t about quantity, but it certainly contains some quality and diverse finds. The first one is the third copy of this I’ve picked up. The gem that is ‘I Heard That’ from the master Quincy Jones including the amazing ‘Summer in the City’ a classic in its own right that went on to be sampled by The Pharcyde with their Hip Hop cut ‘Passin me by’.



Next up is a good overall offering from Booker T & The MGs, a solid album, and a good listen but doesn’t make me throw any cartwheels. However, next up we have a beautiful offering from Charles Mingus – Mingus Moves. I first discovered Mingus through a sample used by hip hop royalty Gangstarr. That is the great thing about musical journies and in particular the often controversial art of sampling. If it wasn’t for sampling, masterpieces from the 70s soul, funk and jazz vaults would have been lost forever. Growing up through the golden era of hip hop I consider an honour and as I’ve gained age, I’ve gained a passion for the source of the genre.

Anyway back to the dig! Next up is a rare beast, an album that you can truly and wholeheartedly listen from edge to edge without the urge to lift the stylus. I won’t try and do Ella justice with superlatives as I’m sure you are all aware of her achievements but suffice to say this is a stunning offering you should definitely manufacture some time to discover. Hello Love will be in my top twenty albums for a long time to come.



The penultimate find of the week is a quality offering from Freddie Hubbard. With a title like ‘The Baddest Hubbard’ and the use of those fonts on the cover, you just know it’s going to be good!

Last up is one of those happy charity shop (Goodwill store if in USA) finds that is pretty easy to come by. There is a gem on this album, but I’m not going to say which one! Happy diggin people!

Quincey Jones - I heard that
Booker T
Mingus Moves
Freddie Hubbard
Easy Listening