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For those that know me, you'll know that I've been very fortunate over the last 3 or 4 years to have owned or played on most of the rotary mixers available on the market. I started my journey from very humble beginnings, namely the Omnitronic TRM202. This little mixer kick-started a chain of events that [...]
Lollopop headphones or Monophone Whatever you know them as, like most things in the DJ community it tends to divide opinion. Some swear by them and others put it down to a hipster obsession with all things retro! Having been an active DJ myself for in excess of 30 years I have known about this [...]
We, at WAXWRX were really excited to hear the announcement of a new inter-galactic mission from the crew at Varia Instruments. It's always amazing and inspiring to see dreams coming to life in challenging and demanding times. I personally was more than happy to play a very small part in their first mission in the [...]
An eagerly awaited album and one I never thought would materialise due to legal ownership of Guru's work. I wont get into who did what when and where because this site is about the music. Happy for Preemo being able to create this offering. When there has been a long break since a last album [...]
Every now and then a gem presents itself. That is the magic of the addiction of music. If your love your improv jazz with Hip Hop underpinnings then please sit down before you play this one, you are in for a treat. The drums....oh the drums! I am so excited to bring this to our [...]
Music, like art is hugely subjective and very personal. To me music is a religion, a series of memories and often a healer. Hopefully this collection display my passion of good music regardless of genre or prejudice. I'd love to hear some of your classic albums and stories behind them in the comments. Dire Straits [...]
Yes I resisted the urge to called this post something like, "It would be criminyl to not buy....". Waxwrx caught up with Chris, the main man at Criminyl Slipmats. We were so impressed with the start to finish quality of the process we felt the need to shout about it and share with our readers. [...]