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November 27, 2021


Top 10

…while it’s easy to name ten ultimate hip hop albums. The same ones keep coming up in top 10 hip hop lists. I’m not saying these are better than… I’m just trying to expand or remind people there’s more than Gang Star, Redman, Pete Rock & CL, Biggie, Tupac, etc…

great albums are personal and usually we listened to them on our own. so i returned to the archives and dug out a selection that have served me well over the years and i still enjoy today.

good hip hop is timeless, dont sleep

hard to obtain – ism & blues. 1994 atlantic records.
if your a fan of this era then you must check em out. the main thing that sets this album appart from others at this time is its loop based with programed drums, the selection of jazz/funk¬† loops were wayyy ahead of the time. often changing breaks and always funky. lots of ear candy (vocal snippets, horns…. )
you can feel the energy and joy the mcees were having. pure hip hop.
this album is as relivant today as it was in 94. only down side is the wax will make a dent in your wallet.

da king & i – contempary jeep music.

1993 – rowdy records

damn this album is seriously dope. esp if you like deep filtered basslines and breakbeats. very jazzy loops, the production is solid with great vocals.

perfect example of early 90s hip hop that still holds its own today.

ed og & the bulldogs. life of a kid in the ghetto 1991 polygram recs

ground breaking album. lyrically mature this album has stuff for the party and deeper tracks like “be a father to your child” and the title track is a superb story set to wicked breaks. ed blends the old skhool styles and the new we all love from early 90s rappers. music is funky and jazzy, way ahead of its time.

main source – breaking atoms
1991 wild pitch recs
if ever there was a classic frm this era then this is it.
funk/soul breaks expertly crafted with large proff flowing. this album is a powerhouse raising the bar both lyrically and production.

live at bbq introduced nas & akinyele to the world.

special ed – youngest in charge

1989 profile recs

ed was 16 when he recorded this. very intelligent word play, he could hold his own against the older rappers of the time. while being super cocky as most 16 yr olds are. its a fun album set to bouncy funk breaks. theres a few tracks that havent aged well, but the majority of the album is still a treat.

lords of the underground – here comes the lords. 1993 elektra records

this album was big back in the days and i still meet kids today rocking it.

a tru masterpiece. great rhymes, funky as hell, produced by the legend marley marl. headboppin blend of old and new skhool.

jeru the damager – the sun rises in the east. 1993 payday records.

dj premier set the background with deep jazzy breaks. this album marked the new era in hip hop.

jeru’s verses are as relivant today as they were in 93. rough, rugged, raw & real come to mind plus he has such a kool voice and flow that its intoxicating.

a very deep album, conscious and entertaining.

oc – jewels

1997 payday records.

this album is just so damn fine. oc is murdering the mic with a host of guest mcees & producers incl dj premier, buckwild, da beatminerz, lord finesse…..

an album you can get lost in. very nu skhool. it doesnt get better than this people.

show & ag – goodfellas

1995 payday records

if you like dark hard hitting beats bordering on horror. then your in for a feast here. its a broad range from late night lounge to head noddin to straight up brutal and as youd expect from showbiz it all works together as an album. theres guest producers plus

AG on the mic with appearances from many great mcees.

this is a must. defining sound of the underground in mid 90s.

Krewcial – 25/8

2004 bbe (barely breakin even)

a modern one for ya now. the album intro is by chuck d. krewcial is an artist who is well known in the industry hes been on tour with a long list of well established names. theres a nice selection of feat mcees and singers. beats will keep your head boppin.

very soulfull neo influences but still managing to keep it tru and real hip hop.

check out “on point” feat kazi & ohno or “krewcial”.

soul position – 8 million stories.

2003 – fat beats/rhymesayers entertainment.

rjd2 on the beats with blueprint rockin the mic. sp are one of those rare combos that just work. blueprint has always been one of those dudes, clever, funny, wildly creative and doesnt care. rj is known for neo modern stuff but as he shows us he can make great modern hip hop for both the old and younger generations.

louis logic – sin-a-matic

2003 solid records

be warned this is

not for the easily offended. this is a depraved ride into the mind of very talented dude. totally over the top, louise goes where most wouldnt dare,

then he just keeps going……..and going. if you cant deal with southpark dont check this one.

“best friends” is genius.

molemen – ritual of the

2001 – fat beats

basicly this is three producers from chicago panik, memo & pns they collab with many mcees. back the late 90s they dropped “buried alive” ep and a few yrs later “locked” an many more.

its pure underground hip hop feat all sorts of mcees. its as real as it gets.

feat juice, louise logic, mf doom, aesop rock, slug…….