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…while it’s easy to name ten ultimate hip hop albums. The same ones keep coming up in top 10 hip hop lists. I’m not saying these are better than… I’m just trying to expand or remind people there’s more than Gang Star, Redman, Pete Rock & CL, Biggie, Tupac, etc… great albums are personal and […]

This week we caught up with Rob Steer (aka DJ Mr Lob) (dude in the pic on the left!). Rob started The Forty Five Kings Collective with Fatwax45 and has created a superb community of like-minded individuals based on the love of collecting and spinning 45s or as some would know them as – 7 inch singles.

A fantastic film I originally owned and played to deaf on VHS (ask your Dad) and I thought I was modern as a lot of friends were still on Betamax (ask your Grandad). Anyway, I digress.

There are scratch DJs and turntablists, great music selectors, unbelievable curators, and crowd movers and then there is Koco… We believe he is in a class of one. He executes all of the above

This week certainly isn’t about quantity, but it certainly contains some quality and diverse finds. The first one is the third copy of this I’ve picked up. The gem that is ‘I Heard That’ from the

I didn’t anticipate buying many records in the last week, but if you’re an addict you’re not really in control. Again a week of guilty pleasures, filling gaps in my collection, new discoveries, and cool

Welcome to the first in an ongoing WAXWRX feature where we take a look at the fruits of the dig for that week! All the records that have landed in WAXWRXHQ from the various sources I buy from.

This article is bound to divide opinion and before I dive into my experiences and opinions, they are just that...opinions. There is no definitive right or wrong here. Let's focus on dance music as that is where the opinions are more divided and sub-genres litter the landscape bringing categories and confusion in equal amounts. There [...]
I, like many people, was somewhat skeptical about the release of the Mk7 Technics 1200 series turntable. Nothing beats the original, I've had these decks for xx years blah blah blah! The point is, they aren't as well finished or engineered as precisely as the Mk2s were, but then again contrary to popular opinion the [...]
When you buy that first record you aren't just saying 'yes' to record collecting, you are also saying 'no' to drugs. You'll never afford both! They should definitely introduce addicts into the wonderful world of record collecting. Growing up in the late 80s, early 90s I am very grateful for discovering records. I never set [...]